A person who works on engines or machines.
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  • Mechanic — Me*chan ic (m[ e]*k[a^]n [i^]k), a. [F. m[ e]canique, L. mechanicus, Gr. mhchaniko s, fr. mhchanh a machine. See {Machine}.] 1. Having to do with the application of the laws of motion in the art of constructing or making things; of or pertaining… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Mechanic — Me*chan ic, n. [F. m[ e]canique mechanics. See {Mechanic}, a.] 1. The art of the application of the laws of motion or force to construction. [Obs.] [1913 Webster] 2. A mechanician; an artisan; an artificer; one who practices any mechanic art; one …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Mechanic — steht für William M. Mechanic (*1950), US amerikanischer Filmproduzent und Filmprofessor English Mechanic, Automarke Siehe auch Mechanik Mechanicus The Mechanic …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • mechanic — UK US /mɪˈkænɪk/ noun ► [C] someone whose job is repairing vehicles and other machines: »A team of engineers and mechanics help manufacture the machines used on assembly lines. »a car/motor/aircraft mechanic ● mechanics Cf. mechanics …   Financial and business terms

  • mechanic — index artisan Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • mechanic — workman, workingman, artisan, *worker, operative, hand, laborer, craftsman, handicraftsman, roustabout …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • mechanic — ► NOUN ▪ a skilled worker who repairs and maintains machinery. ORIGIN Greek, from m khan machine …   English terms dictionary

  • mechanic — [mə kan′ik] adj. [L mechanicus < Gr mēchanikos < mēchanē, MACHINE] archaic var. of MECHANICAL n. 1. a worker skilled in using tools or in making, operating, and repairing machines 2. Archaic a manual laborer …   English World dictionary

  • mechanic — {{11}}mechanic (adj.) late 14c., pertaining to or involving mechanical labor (now usually MECHANICAL (Cf. mechanical)), also having to do with tools, from L. mechanicus, from Gk. mekhanikos full of resources, inventive, ingenious, lit. mechanical …   Etymology dictionary

  • mechanic */ — UK [mɪˈkænɪk] / US [məˈkænɪk] noun Word forms mechanic : singular mechanic plural mechanics 1) [countable] someone whose job is to repair vehicles and machines a car mechanic 2) mechanics [plural] the way in which something works or is done… …   English dictionary

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